BENQ-Siemens were one of the world's leading mobile phone players. Unfortunately, Siemens, whilst excellent engineers, were less effective consumer goods marketers.

The BenQ marketing culture clashed with the German engineering attitude and the business was liquidated in 2007.

Despite losing the technological race, the work shown here, helped achieve exceptional unit sales world wide, until BenQ surrended to Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry & iPhone.
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C35: 40” TVC The C35 is the best selling Siemens phone ever! This spot was shown in 23 countries and inspired the re-mix of many classic tracks for lounge use.
SL45: 30” TVC The Siemens SL45 was one of the first mobile phones with an MP3 player. It sold out within 8 weeks of the launch in the Far East!
M35: 40” TVC The M35 was the "rough n' tumble" mobile in the three phone range. It appealed primarily to young, hip guys!
S35: 60” TVC The S35 was one of three mobiles launched globally. The first time Siemens ever attempted a global launch of a range of phones.