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Writing for classical media:
We have heard it said that; "...people don't read copy any more."

Well excuse us, but we think there's something missing from that somewhat glib comment. The truth is that "people don't read bad copy any more."

People still buy books and newspapers and magazines. What on earth are they doing with them if they don't read them?

Writing for print has to be relevant and arresting. Or there's no point in using words at all.

The fact is that people do still read copy, as long as it has relevance to them and their needs, and it rewards them for the time they donate to reading your copy.

We understand that. We've done more above the line print communications than we care to remember.

Some of the brands we've recently worked on:
Montblanc – Luxury Goods
Opel – European Dealer Communications
BenQ Siemens – Mobile Communications
Greene King– Traditional English Beer & New Product Development

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