Inevitably there are always questions that remain unanswered, so here's a few that we thought might come up: (Click the questions – the answers will open in a pop-up window.)

1. How much do you charge?
2. How do I know you'll do what I need?
3. Are you any good?
4. I can get writing done cheaper elsewhere?
5. Can you come and get a briefing?
6. Can you come and work in my office?
7. What happens if I need changes done?
8. Can you work overnight and/or weekends?
9. I don't like what you've done. What now?
10. What are your terms of business?
11. Can I pay by credit card?
12.You talk about "we". Who is "we"?
13. Cocky bugger aren't you?
14. I need a creative team. Can you help?

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