Infineon Technologies AG is a DAX 30 microchip maker. Their IPO was the second biggest in German history. Thirty times oversubscribed. Spontaneous awareness was increased from 2% to 85% within three months.

For the Infineon IPO we created a series of 15” unbranded teaser spots. Each child asks a simple thought provoking question (in German.) The title at the end says, "Never stop thinking." which is the Infineon corporate slogan.
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Street: 15" IPO Teaser TVC
Child:"Why can't cars drive themselves?"
Title: Never stop thinking
Jet: 15" IPO Teaser TVC
Child: "Why can't they hear what I'm thinking?"
Title: Never stop thinking
Mirror: 15" IPO Teaser TVC
Child: "Why am I here when I'm there?"
Title: Never stop thinking
Clock: 15" IPO Teaser TVC
Child: "What time does the future start?"
Title: Never stop thinking